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The Centre of Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST) was established in February 2014 at the Rimini Campus of Bologna University. Its goal is to coordinate and strengthen research, dissemination and lifelong learning in the field of tourism.

The Centre of Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST) has been active in Rimini Campus since February 2014. A combination of research and higher education in the field of tourism, CAST is the only institutional entity of its kind in Italy.

Tourism is not an independent subject but a field of studies, one that needs to be undertaken using and integrating various disciplinary approaches. In this view, CAST offers joint initiatives connecting economic, business, statistical, socio-political, historic, geographic, juridical and institutional aspects of the tourism sector.

Its multidisciplinary nature is the true strength of the Centre because it combines various sector-based approaches and research methodologies, which are essential for understanding the tourism phenomenon. CAST aims to coordinate and strengthen research activities in various disciplinary areas, as well as disseminate and propagate the most innovative tools in tourism study and training.

CAST stems from the desire and collaboration between four departments of Bologna University:

The researchers and lecturers of these departments are, by statute, also members of CAST.
Consolidating prior experience from the Tourism Science High School (Scuola Superiore di Scienze Turistiche), the Centre of Advanced Studies in Tourism is based in Rimini and its contributors also include researchers and lecturers from other departments of Bologna University.


Who takes part in CAST
In accordance with regulation, all lecturers and researchers that are part of the four founding departments are part of CAST as well.
The bodies of the Centre
The bodies of the Centre of Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST) are the head of department and the board.
An international Centre
CAST is a founder member of the following international networks